Official Country Name:The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Region:Latin America
Government:Federal Presidential Republic
Official Languages:Spanish
Religious Demographics:Christian ±84%, Evangelical ±10%, Ethnoreligious ±1%, Non-religious ±14%


Number of Evangelicals
Cultural Bridges
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Religious Freedoms
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A Nation Put Through Hardships Can Point to His Goodness

October 11, 2023

Archeologists have found remnants of tools in modern-day Venezuela that dates civilization back to 15,000 BC. It was only when Christopher Columbus sailed the coast of Venezuela on his 3rd voyage in 1498 that the land was colonized by Spain and experienced extreme Spanish influence for the next few hundred years. 

The Napoleonic Wars in Europe brought distress and a period of extreme change in Venezuela. After years of war, the country finally achieved independence from Spain in 1821. Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, and Panama formed the Republic of Gran Colombia. This lasted until 1830, when Venezuela became a separate sovereign country. 

In recent years, Venezuela has undergone political strife and violence under the 11-year presidency of Hugo Chavez. President Chavez won many evangelical votes due to his partnership with many Venezuelan and Cuban prosperity gospel church pastors. After his presidency, 2013 saw a strife-filled period of confusion settle in Venezuela due to presidential disputes between candidates Maduro and Guaidó. Source: Venezuela evangelical/political history 

 Today, Venezuela is home to 3 million evangelicals who have walked through heartbreaking extremities of political strife, religious confusion, and safety concerns. The Lord is working in Venezuela and is divinely setting up the nation to rely on His strength alone. The Lord has created their evangelical church to have significant cultural similarities with the unreached Muslim world, despite their physical distance from the unreached. As a nation legally free to promote missions and send its members overseas, Venezuela has an excellent opportunity to be involved in the next world missions movement. Though the country has very little geographic access to large groups of unreached peoples, they are well positioned, both legally and culturally, to cross that barrier and send cross-culturally to the unreached. 

The evangelical church in Venezuela is legally free, culturally connected to the unreached, and growing faster than the world average. We rank Venezuela's mobilization potential as high.

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