Official Country Name:United States of America
Region:North and Caribbean America
Government:Federal Republic
Official Languages:English
Religious Demographics:Christian ± 78% (Evangelical 28.9%), Nonreligious 16.5%, Jewish 1.6%, Muslim 1.6%, Buddhist 0.7%

United States

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A Mobilization Potential with Deep Roots

October 11, 2023

Though the U.S. has played many prominent roles throughout church history, their influence in the global missions movement has been one of their more predominant roles. The church in the United States founded its first missions society in 1810 and an explosion of church growth continued into the next century. For example, by the time the Student Volunteer Movement ended in the 1920s, it had launched more than 20,000 missionaries to take the gospel overseas Source: Ahrend, Todd. In this Generation: Looking to the Past to Reach the Present. Book villages. Kindle Edition. Kindle location 174 and mobilized more than 80,000 to pray and send! In fact, the USA's history of missions began one year before the Revolutionary War with its first missionary, emancipated slave George Liele, who started a church in Kingston, Jamaica, after leaving the U.S. in 1782. To put it in perspective, this was ten years before Englishman William Carey famously took the gospel to India, and a full twenty years before Adoniram Judson, who is often thought of as the U.S.'s first missionary, took the gospel to Burma Source: The Traveling Team - America’s First Missionary

Currently, the United States has high average scores on the Mobilization Index, placing it at a Very High mobilization potential. This is due in part to the fact that the United States still holds a high amount of political, social, and cultural influence globally. Pray that the Lord would use the U.S. church's influence for God's global purposes. 

Combined with strong evangelicals roots and vast resources, God has prepared the USA for great things in the world of missions. With this rich history of missions and one of the largest populations of evangelical believers globally—more than 90 million—it should come as no surprise that the United States sends the highest number of missionaries in the world. Even though roughly 45,000 U.S. missionaries are being sent abroad, it is estimated that only 3% of the world's missionaries are being sent to the unreached Source: Global Frontier Missions - State of the World - The Task Remaining. Imagine if the church in the United States shifted its immense resources to focus on UPGs? Pray to the Lord of the harvest that he would raise up laborers from the United States and the other 59 countries on the Mobilization Index to take the gospel to the unreached harvest!

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