Official Country Name:Republic of Uganda
Region:East and Southern Africa
Government:Presidential Republic
Official Languages:English
Religious Demographics:Christian ±84%, Evangelical ±37%, Muslim ±9%, Ethnoreligious ±5%


Number of Evangelicals
Cultural Bridges
Strategic Access
Religious Freedoms
Current Sending
Mobilization Potential

A History of Violence now Speaks to the Peace of the Gospel

Uganda, a small landlocked country in central Africa, has a unique religious history when compared to its neighboring African countries. Uganda did not hear the gospel until almost a century after English missionaries arrived in Africa. The late 1870s saw a wave of Christianity that soon began to rival the already spreading dominant religion of Islam. Not soon after, the country swa great religious strife between Muslims and various Christian denominations that ultimately resulted in multiple years of war. Source: Uganda religious freedom Though wars are long over, the country still experiences tensions between Christianity and Islam, which can be seen through social hostilities and undertones. 

Today, Uganda is united to its neighbors, Kenya and Tanzania by their shared language of Swahili and rich cultural similarities. The nation is 84% Christian, most of that percentage being Catholics, as protestant evangelicals only make up 37% of the population.  
The Ugandan constitution states that the nation is religiously free, and citizens are welcome to worship as they see fit. Though many religious groups are able to coexist in harmony, the nation is ranked moderately for safety and security and sees social hostilities between Christians and Muslims.  

The nation ranks low in Legatum Prosperity Index, with a score of 133 out of 167. However, though the nation's prosperity is low, their scores have stayed very stable over the past decade.  Their extreme poverty and lack of resources mean that the church must rely on the Providence of God to protect and provide for their needs, especially in situations of social hostilities and safety threats. When considering all of these things, we Praise God for the work He has done and will do in Uganda. We rank their mobilization potential as moderate.

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