Official Country Name:The Republic of Nicaragua
Region:Latin America
Government:Constitutional Democracy
Official Languages:Spanish
Religious Demographics:Christian 97%, Evangelical 29%, Non-religious 2%, Ethnic Religious 1%, Unevangelized 1%


Number of Evangelicals
Cultural Bridges
Strategic Access
Religious Freedoms
Current Sending
Mobilization Potential

A Land Rich with Many Cultural Influences

September 22, 2023

The largest of the Central American Republics, Nicaragua is known for its economy, its indigenous history, and its colonization. Nicaragua was the only Latin American country to be colonized by both the Spanish and the English, thus giving it a rich and multi-cultural history that blends many values and traditions. The country's name is derived from the chief of the indigenous peoples during the late 15th century, named Nicarao. Source: Nicaragua History

While the vast majority of Nicaraguans are Catholic, there has been a growing trend towards Evangelical Christianity in recent years. Evangelical Nicaraguans have little access to unreached, as the Latin American region has the lowest number of unreached people out of all other regions in the world. The Central American region is also home to an increasing amount of persecution and violence against Christians. Though Nicaragua is not one of the more dangerous nations, some of their near neighboring countries, such as Honduras, experience extreme violence and fear from the drug cartel. Other regional neighbors, such as Mexico, are in the world's top 40 most persecuted countries. Source: BBC News - Mexico Country Profile Ask that the Lord would raise peace and bravery among Central American evangelicals so they might build each other up in the face of these many tensions.

Nicaragua has a dropping prosperity score and sits at one of the lowest ranks in Latin America. This, combined with other factors, such as the nation's lack of access to unreached peoples and small sending numbers, give Nicaragua a moderate mobilization potential. Pray that the Lord would use the millions of evangelicals and the nation's religious freedom to raise workers for His ready harvest.

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