Official Country Name:The Republic of Malawi
Region:East and Southern Africa
Government:Presidential Representative Democratic Republic
Official Languages:English
Religious Demographics:Christian ±76%, Evangelical ±19%, Muslim ±15%, Ethnoreligious ±8%


Number of Evangelicals
Cultural Bridges
Strategic Access
Religious Freedoms
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"The Orphan Nation" Made Sons and Daughter

September 22, 2023

Malawi is a small landlocked country located in southeast Africa. What was previously called British Central Africa and later Nyasaland, modern-day Malawirt is rich in tea and coffee and known for its welcoming and happy citizens. The already poverty-stricken nation has recently experienced an HIV/AIDS plague that has left many single-parent homes as orphan-headed homes. It is not uncommon to see households run entirely by children. The country that was often called the ""Warm Heart of Africa"" has, in recent years, earned the nickname of the ""Orphaned Nation."" Source: Malawi history Praise the Lord that He does not leave us as orphans but comes for us and takes us into His family (John 14:18.)   

After Malawi gained its independence from Britain in 1964, the nation was led by an outspoken Christian president and continues to have a strong religious influence in its politics. A predominantly Christian nation today, 76% of Malawians claim Christianity, and 25% of the population identifies as evangelical. The country is religiously free, and the church is permitted to worship and practice their faith as they see fit. Praise God for such an opportunity to openly raise up go-ers to the unreached! 

Though the nation is majority Christian, nearly 15% of the population is Muslim. The Malawian church has experienced living alongside Muslims and is culturally close to the Arab world. Though not geographic neighbors, the Malawian church has an excellent opportunity to take the gospel to Muslim majority countries throughout the continent. 

While Malawi scores low in Prosperity, 132 out of 167 countries, we Praise God for the work He has done and will do in ""The Warm Heart of Africa!""

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