Official Country Name:Arab Republic of Egypt
Region:North and Middle East Africa
Government:Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic
Official Languages:Arabic, Standard
Religious Demographics:Muslim ±86%, Christian ±12% (Evangelicals ±4%), Non-religious <1%


Number of Evangelicals
Cultural Bridges
Strategic Access
Religious Freedoms
Current Sending
Mobilization Potential


September 22, 2023

While Egypt is commonly known for its ancient civilization, it is also known as a country with one of the oldest connections to Christianity. For a period of time in the Bible, Egypt was a land of brutal slavery for the Israelites. At other times, it was a place of safe haven for many important Biblical figures, including Abraham, Joseph, Jeremiah, and even Jesus and his family Source: Link

Today, Egypt has many opportunities to reach UPGs Source: Unreached people groups are ethnic groups that have little to no access to the gospel including to believers, churches, or Christian resources. People in unreached populations have no way of hearing the gospel barring someone crossing cultures and languages to share with them. A working definition for unreached people groups is peoples who have an evangelical population of 2% or less with the gospel. Because Christianity is still a minority religion in Egypt, many Egyptian Muslims have never heard a Christian personally share the gospel; however, the providence of God has set up Egypt with many surprising benefits for mission mobilization Source: Operation World DVD 2010. Based on Mobilization Index research, Egypt has the largest number of evangelicals in the Middle East/North Africa region. Egypt offers a broad intersection of a variety of cultures and consequently serves as a destination for many refugees and migrants. Statistics show that Egypt has access to 25 UPGs, numbering nearly 16 million people. More so, Egypt has regional access to over 261 million unreached people. Praise God for such abounding access!

It is not only Egypt's high number of evangelicals that offers missional advantages but also the fact that nearly 95% of the country's population lives within 20 kilometers of the Nile River Source: Link. Many of the physical barriers that impede mission efforts in other countries become nonexistent in Egypt and are replaced by opportunities for a fluid exchange of the gospel message at the meeting place of the Nile. Furthermore, Egyptian culture holds a high value of hospitality and reciprocity, meaning that Egyptians are often extremely generous to one another while holding the expectation that the generosity will eventually be reciprocated Source: Link. All of these factors combined provide a clear opportunity for Egyptian Christians to display Jesus’ call in Matthew 25:35 to feed, clothe, and house “the least of these." Just as Egypt was a refuge for Jesus’ family fleeing violence, modern Egypt could become a welcoming place for refugees to hear the good news of the one who received refuge himself in Egypt.

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