Official Country Name:The Federated Republic of Brazil
Region:Latin America
Government:Constitutional Republic
Official Languages:Brazilian Portuguese
Religious Demographics:Catholic ±72%, Evangelical Christian ±26, Ethnoreligious ±5%, Non-religious ±3%


Number of Evangelicals
Cultural Bridges
Strategic Access
Religious Freedoms
Current Sending
Mobilization Potential

Prepared by God for Such Opportunity

September 22, 2023

In order to better understand how God has prepared Brazil for this specific time and its opportunities, we must first grasp His sovereignty in Brazil’s history. In 711 A.D., the Moors, a nomadic Muslim tribe from northern Africa, conquered Spain and Portugal, imparting the Muslim religion, language, and culture into the Iberian Peninsula. After the Moors and the rule of several other Muslim conquerors, Portugal became independent from the Kingdom of Leon in 1143 and later landed in Brazil in 1500.Source: Unravel - Iberia’s children: A short history of why Portuguese and Spanish are different Why does this history matter now?

Now, Brazil has Central and South America’s largest economy (8th globally) Source: CIA World Factbook and is the region’s largest country in terms of landmass. With more than 200 million people, Brazil has the largest population of all Central and South American countries (5th globally), Source: CIA World Factbook and the 3rd largest population of evangelicals in the world, more than 50 million, but with very few UPGs in its region.

Brazil has a large population of evangelicals and few unreached. Many regions with large populations of unreached peoples have some nearby churches large enough to reach them, the major exception being the Muslim world. The church in the Muslim world is not large enough to reach the Muslims, who make up the highest population of the world’s unreached. Source: Operation World DVD 2010

This is where Brazil’s history comes in. If we look back to the Moors conquering Portugal, should we be surprised that Brazil is culturally closer to a majority of the UPG nations than it is to almost all other Latin American countries? In fact, its closest cultural neighbors are Turkey, Israel, and Malaysia, and 10 of Brazil’s closest cultural countries are majority Muslim.

God knew then, in 711 A.D., that Muslim UPGs would need to be reached now, and it looks like He has prepared Brazil to reach them for such a time as this.

Brazil scores high in most of the Mobilization Index Sub-Indices. The evangelical church in Brazil is large, vibrant, and growing. We rank Brazil’s Mobilization Potential as Very High.

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