Official Country Name:The Republic of the Angola
Region:East and Southern Africa
Government:Unitary, Presidential Constitutional Republic
Official Languages:Portuguese
Religious Demographics:Christian ±94%, Evangelical ±22%, Muslim ±1%, Ethnoreligious ±6%


Number of Evangelicals
Cultural Bridges
Strategic Access
Religious Freedoms
Current Sending
Mobilization Potential

The Land of the King

September 22, 2023

Angola, a large country in Southern Africa, has land spanning many different types of terrains. Desserts, Rainforests, Highlands, and densely populated cities near the river valley all make up the diverse nation of Angola. The name Angola is derived from the Kimbundu word for "King." With a tremendous Portuguese influence dating back hundreds of years, the nation's capital city is a rich mixture of African and Portuguese architecture, food, and traditions. Source: Angola Overview history The country was first settled by San hunter-gatherer societies before being ruled by Kongo and later the arrival of Portuguese colonization. 

Today, Angola is a predominantly Christian nation, with roughly 22% identifying as evangelical. Though the country is religiously free according to the constitution, minority religious groups such as Muslims often experience social hostilities, as Angola is one of the only nations that does not recognize Islam as an official religion. 

Though the nation is majority Christian and does not house a significant Muslim population, there exist many culturally bridges between Angola's culture and nearby Muslim countries. This makes the country's proximity to Islam-dominated West Africa even more strategic and exciting!

According to the Legatum, Angola has a low prosperity rank, with a rank of 155 out of 167 countries. The Angolan church must fully rely on the Providence of God to protect and provide for their needs, especially in situations of support raising and launching missionaries abroad. When considering all of these things, we Praise God for the work He has done and will do in Angola. We rank their mobilization potential as moderate.

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